Triscuits ARE delicious, or was it Wheat Thins? Ahhh, I spent most of the time sleeping while she chattered on. Pfff.

Sunday, May 02, 2004


Sandy goes to the 7am mass. I usually will take a nap during "father" Quinn's ramblings about something called "sin" and Fruitition.. or something, or think about why any human would ever want to dress in such God-awful colors. He does look really "fancy". I still don't quite get the concept of human sexuality, and I can't see how anyone would even find such a ghastly mess that attractive, but being around for 64 years, you start to see a lot of the same patterns. People aren't that smart. Simple. I guess glass eye's aren't either, but I'm not just any glass eye. You've got to have that special something to make it into the socket of one of the prettiest gals in Hollywood. Anyway, "father" Quinn can have his pretty gown pulled by as many men as he likes. He's a priest, for cripes sakes. That's pretty good living.

Sandy Duncan's Glass Eye!? 

Hello everyone. Yes, I am. I was recently in the mood for a little bit of writing, so I hope you will enjoy sharing them with me as much as I will with you. As a glass eye, I have limited time away from Sandy, or "Gooselipper" as we like to call her, but when I get away, I write little things down. My own humble thoughts, poetry, plans for assassinating a certain Hollywood Executive..mm..nevermind that, lists, doodles, scratchings, calculations, receipts, etc. Everything! and I will share it all. I am so looking forward to this. The internet is indeed a miracle for EVERYONE. If a little glass eye from rural Pennsylvania can make it big with its (we have no gender) connection to one (previously) lovely woman, anything can. Trees, bacon, yarn, walking sticks, your mother. It's a good day today.

Praise Jesus. Or the other one, was it..I forgot. It's not Jesus, though. We eyes are not religious, just a little "prop" in someone's socket to keep the freakishly hollow space looking real. It's not like we have feelings or anything. I'm better now. I just went for on a roll through the kitchen. It is such a beautiful house.

I guess it's time to sign off. I'll be starting my real work tomorrow.
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